Brain Software Settings User Manual

* Gear : 
General  Settings :

~ Above is list of all setting
screen available in Brain Software
We have all details here with direct links to topic.


A. Sale/Purchase :
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed   Plus 9.0
~ Sale / Purchase Customize Setting List
  • Show Party's Last Details (Leger Balance, Last Receipt Etc.,)
  • Show Items's Last Transaction Window - Generally useful for Wholesale Business
  • Show Only Customers in sale & suppliers in purchase - useful when you have same party for sale & Purchase
  • Show Cash First as payment terms in new sales Bill
  • Ask for customer details in credit sales also. useful when you don't want to create account every time.
  • Ask for customer details in cash sales also.
  • Enable E.M.I. Calculation (Installments) Useful for Invoice to pay in installments and getting reports of pending payments of customer. Useful for White goods Retail Business Management
  • Require Agent in Sales : Agent means Sales Person / Service Provider. While generating sales list of agents will pop up.
  • Enable E-way Bill Feature : Invoicing will pop up to enter e way invoice details also. ex. transport No, E way Bill No, etc.,
  • Ask for Eway details if bill crosses threshold Limit : "50000" is limit above that E way bill generation & Registration on Govt. Site is Mandatory.
  • Map Item Group : In Sale Type / In Purchase Type
  • By-default Enter This Qty in Sale : eg. "1" 
  • Item Entry Speed in Sales : Few Options to select here :
  1. Input Required all Items
  2. Quickly add item to List -Barcode Scan Option
  3. Ask for Qty Only
  4. Let me change Rate - Cursor will be back to item selection after we enter Sales Rate
  5. Change Rate Skip Free
  6. Let me change Basic Amount (Reverse Calculation of Sales Rate based on Amount & Qty)
  7. I need Discount Also
  8. Input All Required Columns
  • Pick Last Transport automatically in Sale
  • Party's Last Sale Price : Software Remembers Customer wise last sold Rate of Specific Item.
  • Get Sale/Purchase Accounts From : Radio Button Selection Options -
  1. As per Sale / Purchase Type
  2. Tax % wise Settings
  3. Tax Slab wise Settings
  4. Item Group wise Settings
  • Decrease Cost of goods with additional Discounts - Check Box to Enable
  • Calculate Tax on Basic Amt. (Before Discount) Has Three Enable Options for 1. B2C Sale  2. B2B Sale  3. Purchase
  • Automatically Round Off : Option 1 -> On total bill amount in Sale & Purchase Screen Separate. (Round off rule : 49 Paise decrease, Above 50 paise Increase to 1) : Option 2 -> Apply on each Item in sale & Purchase.
  • Show selected Item's Details at entry Time : Check Box to Enable
  • Don't clear item name After add to list in Sale/Purchase.
PRESS APPLY TO SAVE THE SETTINGS OR "esc" to exit without Save.


B. Warnings in Software
~ warnings in software has few settings to keep control over invoicing activities.
~ Credit Limit Warning : if we have set specific credit limit amount for customer above which software should block the entry or give warning of over limit billing software will behave like option selected here from list given Here. 

~ Check the Options Below :
  1. Never Check Credit Limit (Default)
  2. Warn me if credit limit is exceeding
  3. Ask me to continue
  4. Don't allow bills if credit limit is exceeding (Block Invoice over limit)    
~ Bill Limit Warning : Bill Limit Settings will work same as above "Credit limit Warning" for Suppliers : for our reference of Purchase entry not made above limits.
~ Expired Batches in Sale : If you are working with products which are Expiry Date Sensitive, Ex. Medicines, Food Products etc.,. And you want that software should inform you about product expiry details while making sales or purchase entry, this option is very much useful for you. Just select the behavior from list and start billing with free mind.
  1. Allow Expired Items to Sale (Default)
  2. Warn me if any Batch is Expired
  3. Ask me to continue with expired Batch
  4. Don't Allow Expired Batch Sale
~ Items Going negative in sales at Entry Time : Stock Audit Option : If you want that your inventory should be perfect all time then this option is very useful. 
While making sales Invoice of you have selected an item for billing and its not available in stock, it should warn you about that. Software will behave as per the Negative Stock Settings selected here from available option.
  1. Allow negative stock entry
  2. Warn me
  3. Warn and ask me
  4. Don't Allow negative stock
~ Hide Batches Going Negative in Sales : ON/OFF
~ Same Item Warning ON/OFF
~ Lock Bills Against which Payment is made ON/OFF
~ Lock Challans After Posting to Bills ON/OFF
~ Clear Sale / Purchase Orders After Full Qty Only ON/OFF
~ Negative Cash Warning ON/OFF
~ Free Qty Applies to Alternate Unit ON/OFF



C. General Settings of Software
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Gear Box Setting : General : 
~ Ask to print after sale : ON/OFF
~ Print What : Select from options available Below -
  1. Preview original Copy
  2. Print Original Copy
  3. Print original + Transporter Copy
  4. Print original + Transporter + Duplicate
  5. Print Original + Duplicate
  6. Print Transporter Copy + Duplicate
  7. Direct Print Original Copy
  8. Direct Print original + Transporter Copy
  9. Direct Print original + Transporter + Duplicate
  10. Direct Print Original + Duplicate
  11. Direct Print Transporter Copy + Duplicate
  12. Print Duplicate
~ Printing Method (Unicode / Regular) : Setting is used when you want to convert your rpt file print fields to behave Unicode Language. i.e. whatever Language you have selected while login to the software, It will Print in that Local Language.
Options to select are : 
  1. Standard (default)
  2. Unicode Printing
  3. Regular Print Directly
  4. Regular Print Preview
~ Invoice Prefix (Optional) : B2B Invoices (Tax Invoice) & B2C Invoices (Bill of Supply) - Your invoice No. will have prefix Text or No. as per your Requirement, you can type the data in text filed provided here. @However we don't recommend to keep any invoice prefix in GST Tax Regime, let if Flow with continuous Numbers 1,2,3...
~ Bill No. Format : if you want that you bill No starts from "1" Should Display like "0001" then Select the Preceding Zero Nos from Options Available from :: 0,00,000,0000,00000,000000.
~ Invoice No. Setting (Single PC/LAN) : Select from Options
  1. Keep bill No. open
  2. Lock Bill No.
  3. Generate Bill No. at the time of Printing
~ Protect Entries on High Speed Network (LAN) : ON/OFF 
~ Intelligently Decide Between Personal and Regular Items in Challan : ON/OFF
~ Ask for Customer Details in Credit Sales Also : Option will pop up customer name & address text box to enter while billing & no need to create a new account by pressing F3 Key. : ON/OFF
~ Show Commitment in Price in Sales : ON/OFF -pop up committed price of item for customer.
~ Keep Record of Company Schemes in Purchase : ON/OFF


D. Features Settings of Software
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Calculate Labor on Weight : ON/OFF
~ Purchase & Farmer Rates are different : ON/OFF 
~ Automatic Round Off GST Voucher (Total Bill) : ON/OFF
~ HSN Code in GST Entry : ON/OFF
~ Require Agent in Quick Receipt : ON/OFF
~ Allow restricted entries in Financial Accounts : ON/OFF
~ Set Focus on date after each quick and bank entry : ON/OFF
~ Deactivate Side Menu Bar (Don't Show) For Simple Look : ON/OFF
~ Select last Brokerage Rate in Bargain : Select from few options Given.

PRESS "Apply" to SAVE.

E. POS General Settings :
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory   Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Click on Gear Box Setting
~ General Settings
~ POS General Settings :
~ Customize your POS Screen. Please check the list of settings :
  • Prompt to input Customer Details like name, city, remarks etc., : If you make this ON it will pop up the Customer name entry screen after entering the Mobile no of customer. This name treated as cash customer, & data doesn't go to Account Master. So Billing Process becomes faster, still we don't need to create new customer account hence saving the time. option generally used in garments retail.
  • Cash Tendered Amount = Net Bill Amt (Automatically) : Generally Customer Pays Cash so ON this option. so that we can save POS invoice directly & Bill amount will show in CASH. If customer is paying by any other means, we can change tender by pressing Plus Button.
  • Clear Discount % After each item Entry : this option will allow to select different discount for different items.
  • Calculate Discount on MRP Value
  • Disable auto drop down Item BOX : make it ON if all item selection is barcode based.
  • Refresh Discount if we change Account Name : This Option is connected with Auto Discount Customer Name wise. So if we change it it should change the new discount settings.
  • Always highlight last entered item
  • Print Bill : Make it ON if we want to print Invoice.
  • Ask Before Print Bill : After we Save it will ask Print Bill "Yes" or "No" Option.
  • Print Bills Directly (No Preview Required) : Make it ON will print Invoice Directly without showing preview.
  • No. of Copies to Print : If you want more than one copy to print at a time select from options provided. "1,2,3,4 Copies, or 2 Formats, 3 Formats" Selction.
  • Apply GST as per Price Range : Ready made Garments has Price range based GST. Ex. Below 1000Rs. it is 5% GST, & Above 1000Rs. it is 12% GST. That will be calculated automatically if this Option is ON. We have to set Price Range in GST TAX Slab Master as required.
  • Ask For packs and Loose : ON this field if you have created multiple Units of Items for Packing. Eg. 1BOX = 10 Pcs.

F. POS Advanced Settings :
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~  POS Advanced Settings :
~ Customize your POS Billing Screen as per your Need
Apply Price (By Default) : Select from Option List : MRP, Sale Price, Basic Price.
Above selected price will come automatically while billing in POS Screen. You can edit this Setting whenever you want to.
Pressing double space at item name go to : This option is actually shortcut to save a POS Invoice. But Still you can select what happens when we have finished entering the Billing Items, Press Space Bar Twice, & Cursor will move to selected option. 
  1. Cash Tendered  
  2. CD%  
  3. CD Amount  
  4. Cash Tendered  
  5. Save Directly.
~  Agent Selection in POS : Agent or Salesman Selection is given in POS Screen. There are Few options. 
  1. No Agent Required (By Default)
  2. Press (F2) On Qty to Select Agent (While Making Item Entry in POS Screen this option will allow to select Sales/service Person Name Manually)
  3. Ask for Agent after Item Entry : Select Sales/Service Person for Each Item/Service Entry. It will pop up every time you select an item during making an invoice in POS.
  4. Ask for Agent on Bill No. : Select Name of Sales Person Bill wise. An Agent selection Window will pop up automatically after Bill No.  This will generate Report in Sales Report according to Option Selected Here.
~  Pick Date : Three Options will Work for auto Date pop up in any screen of Brain Software while making any transaction.
  1. Show Max Date : it will show the Max. Date 
  2. Show Last Voucher Date : Select this option if you are making few back date transaction in software. so that you won't need to change the date every time. 
  3. Pick Current System Date : Your computer System Date will Come automatically while making any sales/purchase/accounts entry. This option is used generally if we are working live with current data.
~  Account Name (By Default) : While making POS Bill generally it is not required to put customer details every time for walk in Customers neither customer demands an invoice in his/her own name. In such case you can select any account name from list which will come automatically while making POS Invoice. Even you can Skip cursor here to make the Billing process more faster.
Generally we keep "cash" as default account.

~  Sale Type (By Default) : Brain Software defines B2B or B2C Invoice type automatically. Still user have created more than one Sales Types from Master than User can select the Default "Sale Type" in POS Screen to get selected every time we generate an invoice & can skip the cursor over to make the Billing Process more faster.
~  Skip : Very Important setting on this page to customize your POS Screen behaviour according to your Real Need.
  •  Date : Tick mark on this check box to skip date selection while generating POS Invoice.
  •  Bill No. : Remove tick mark on this field if you want to type manual invoice no. every time you generate a new. Software will give automatic continuous bill no. series from last invoice No. was saved. Tick mark this if you want to skip this one too.
  • Account Name : Select customer Name from drop down list. You can search name wise or mobile no wise customer for billing here. If not in the list you can just Press "F3"Key from your keyboard to generate a new name Here during making an invoice. You can set default Account Name & Skip the field if you don't want to select customer name while billing. (Eg. Grocery store POS billing doesn't require to keep customer name selection) 
  • Sale Type : Select from list if you have created multiple sale type. Else Skip this field to make billing faster more faster.
  • Mobile : Typing Mobile No. Here while making sales invoice will store the data and software can SMS Invoice Details to same Mobile No. Automatically after saving the Invoice. Skip the Field if not required. 
  • By skipping all above options, if you start new POS Invoice will direct lead you to Barcode selection Item Search Window, from where you can just start Billing & Scanning the to be Billed Items. 
~  Barcode Shortcut to Save  You can save any Barcode here. Now once you finish POS Item selection just scanning this saved barcode will save the invoice directly. You can set any number or combination also in this to save the POS invoice directly without pressing save Button from Mouse. 

 ~  After each Barcode Entry : After we scan barcode or select item from list what should be Cursor Behavior? This Option will allow you to select the cursor movement after we select an item for Billing in POS.
  • Quickly add item to list : Used when all items are barcode based
  • Ask for Discount % : Used when you want to type discount in selected items while making POS invoice.
  • Ask for Qty : Generally if Quantity is Measured at the time of Billing, such as Vegetable or Fresh Snacks Selection, Item requires to type quantity as in Kg. weight or more than 1 qty Nos. In such case we keep this option. after entering Qty by pressing Enter Key cursor will move to select another item for billing.
  • Only ask for Qty and Skip Rest : This option will ask for qty to type after selecting an item for billing then it will go back for another item selection.
  • Pick Weight from Scale Automatically : Option works for few machines which can transfer the data of weight to PC.
  • Pick weight from scale USB Cable : USB Cable based Weighing scale integration
  • Let me change rate : Cursor will move up to Qty, Rate & Amount Box. Then it will be back for another item scan or selection. Here we can have reverse calculation also, i.e. if we type amount rate of an item will come automatically based on typed quantity.  
~  Printer on Fiscal Printer : Keep it Off if not required.
~  Activate Pole Display : Keep it ON if you require to display Billing amount on pole display screen while making a POS sales invoice.
--> Press APPLY Button to save any changes or else pres "esc" to exit without saving.

G. Regional Settings in Software
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Date to Pick By Default :
  1.  Show Max Date 
  2.  Show Last Voucher Date - useful when you are doing back date entries
  3.  Show Current Date -: Recommended Setting.
~ Date Format : Select the format as per options available & need
~ Currency Format : Select from Indian or American Style Format.
~ Decimal Places : Select Decimal Points to calculate accurate figures. Most common setting is 0.00 i.e. Two digit Accuracy Format.

World Multi Currency Supported Software (Check Image above for Reference)
~ Currency : Multi Currency Software : Type any Word here will display before "Amt in Words" (Field-M7) in invoice.
- Type Any Currency of the World here Ex. Dollar, Pound, Dinar, $, Etc., It will Reflect in Invoice total as same Currency.
~ Sub Currency : Paise is an Indian Sub Currency - comes in amt in words field

~ No. of decimal places : Quantity, Alternate Quantity, Price : Most recommended setting is "1.12", however you can extend Quantity measure up to "1.1234" accuracy in case of weight based Item Amount Calculation. Available option is up to "1.123456" i.e. Six Decimal Digit Accurate Calculation to round off the resulted Value.
~ Barcode Format : Code 128 & EAN13 both are popular Barcode international GS1 Supported Image Bar Lines Generators

PRESS "Apply" TO SAVE & Close the Screen.

 H. Stock Valuation Settings
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Opening Stock Valuation :
  1. Manual (If Selected Manual, you can enter total opening stock figure directly in -> Account Master : "Stock" Lager. in Opening Bal. : That will give Effect in "Trading Account" Directly.
  2. Automatic (Recommended)
  3. Items Opening Value
  4. Balance X Rate
~ Closing Stock Valuation :
  1. Manual (Double Click on Closing Stock in Trading Account)
  2. Automatic (Figure will show from stock report) (Recommended)
  3. GP Ratio wise
  4. Balance X Rate
  5. Op. Val. + Purchase Amt - SelfVal
~ Item Valuation Price 
  1. SelfVal
  2. Sale Price
  3. Purchase Price
  4. MRP
  5. Average
  6. Average Purchase Price (Most Recommended Setting)
  7. Average Sale Price
  8. Opening Stock Value / Qty
  9. Opening + Average + SelfVal
  10. Net Rate (Purchase)
  11. Net Rate (Sale)
  12. Final Rate (Purchase)
  13. Final Rate (Sale)
  14. Basic Price
  15. Minimum Sale Rate
  16. Average of Op. Value & Purchase Rate
  17. Opening + Net + Purchase Price
~ Hide Stock for items going negative or zero
  1. Hide Zero
  2. Hide Negative
  3. Hide Both
  4. Don't Hide
~ Show stock Difference in Trial Balance : ON/OFF