Brain Software Entry Screens User Manual

 * Transaction Screen in Brain Software :


* List of All Transaction Screens
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software

~ New :New Sales Invoice
~ Register : Item wise Sales Detail
~ Bills : Customer wise Sales Report
~ Sales Invoice Making is main activity of Brain Software as any business will run how its Sales is going ON
~ So total Control over inventory, Account Details, Item Rate Details & Speed is most important requirement.
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software 
~ New Sales Invoice
~ Go on Pressing Enter Key from Key Board will Guide you which field to Enter Data. You can't Skip any field in start & Directly Click on Items Selection to generate an Invoice won't Work.
~ Date (By Default System Date will be there)
~ Cash/Credit : Sales Type : Select as Required
~ Party Name : Select from List, Search by Name, or Mobile No. (Press Enter)
~ Party Name : "+" Press Plus (or F3) to Create New Customer Account
~ Party Name :  "Pen" Press Pen (or F1) to Edit listed Customer Details
~ Bill No : After selecting Customer Name if we press Enter key Bill No. will Come Automatically in Continuous Sequence. however if you want to Edit the Bill No, you can do it Manually. 
~ Due Date : Date will come automatically if we have given credit days in Customer Account
~ Item Name : Select Item from List
    Search by Name (if you want to search item Name Phonetic way Press %             Button First)
    Search Item Name by "Short Name"
    Press F12 : Search Item by Item Name, Company & Item Group wise.
~ Select an item from List by Down Arrow Key on Key Board
~ Cursor Moves on Item, It will display Item MRP, Batch, Stock Details Beside
~ Qty : Enter Quantity Required of Product
~ Qty : Sub Unit of Quantity will come automatically same as Main Qty
~ Free : Enter Free Quantity of Product (if any) Else Just Press Enter
~ Rate : Sales Rate if Item defined in master will come here automatically. You can always edit this value at the time of making sales Invoice.
~ Rate : Sales Rate Inclusive or Exclusive of GST will be decided on configuration of "Sales Type" from Gear Box Settings.
~ Per : Unit Selection : if you have Multiple Packing Units in same Item Select from list else press enter & Proceed further.
~ Basic Amount : This Value will come automatically which is Qty x Rate = Basic Amount. You can Directly type Basic Amount, Rate will come automatically (Reverse Calculation).
~ Dis % : Type Discount in Percentage here to apply on Specific Product. 
~ Discount Amt : Type Amount of Discount on Specific Product here if you want to
~ Tax Amt : Basic Amount - Discount Value = Taxable Amount : On this Value Software will calculate GST which is already defined in Item Master. 
~ Tax Amount : If We have selected customer State different from our Own Company Information Software will automatically calculate IGST else it will Calculate CGST+SGST. So it is very crucial to select State Name & GSTIN No. of Customer Correct to make perfect Sales Invoice with GST Calculations. if you are Composite GST Business owner or don't want GST in your Sales Invoice those Options are available in "Sales Type" & Item Master.
~ Net Value : Item Line will show you final Item Amount Press Enter Key Now 
~ Enter : On Pressing Enter Key item will go to Sales Invoice Billed Item List & New Item Selection window will open automatically.
~ Same way Select the Items required for Billing.
~ Save : Press Save Button to Save the Invoice.
~ It will ask to Print the Invoice 
~ Print Invoice : You can Print, Preview, Mail, Whats App (Link) of Sales Invoice.
~ From Preview Screen also you can print the Sales Invoice. Click for Details..
~ Select the Required Template to Print Sales Invoice from List Given or you can Create your own List from "Invoice Print Format Setting-Gear Box Setting"
~ Your job is Done.
~ If you want to add some other charges in to same sales invoice just click on Charges Button Besides Items Button.
~ Press Close or Esc to Close the Screen.
* POS Billing Screen
~ Click on "New" on Dashboard POS Icon to start Billing
~ System Date will display automatically
~ Select Customer Name
~ Select Sale Type
~ Bill No., it will be in continuous sequence 
~ Customers Mobile No.
~ Select the Item Name for Billing from list
~ Scan your Product Barcode here to select the Item automatically.
~ You can Skip the Cursor Movement from Date to Mobile No. from POS Advanced Settings :
~ Search Item with middle Name by pressing "%" Before any Search
~ Now type the Quantity Required 
~ Price : Comes automatically, you can Edit it if you want. (Press F3 for GST Inclusive Price while editing)
~ Basic Amount : Comes automatically : Qty X Price = Basic Amount
~ Price : Which Item Master Value for Calculation in POS Sales/MRP Has Settings options to Select as per need. 
~ Discount % : Insert Discount Item wise here in percentage Number
~ Discount Amt : Type discount value here item wise different value can be typed
~ Taxable Amt : Auto pop up value to be taxed after discount deduction 
~ Tax Amt : Total Amount of GST pop up here item wise just for reference, no matter inclusive or exclusive or zero tax option selected
~ Amount : Total Item Amount after deducting Discount & adding GST Tax Value.
~ Item/Barcode Selection : Pressing Enter key in last Box cursor will again come back to select next item for billing 
~ go on adding the items to be billed
~ After finishing adding the Items Press Double Space Bar to Reach to Final Tender in footer area.
~ C.D.% & C.D. Amt. Fields in footer area available to give discount in whole invoice amount. Note that this will be after GST Deduction so not recommended to give much discount here if your are Regular GST Tax Payer.
~ Footer Area Shows all details of an Invoice as Summary :
  • Total No of Quantity of Items Billed
  • Basic Amount (Rate X Qty)
  • Discount (Total figure if Discounts given item wise)
  • Tax Amount : Total Value of GST Tax on Invoice (Inclusive or Exclusive)
  • Total Amt. : Value of Invoice after Deduction of Discount & adding GST Tax.
  • CD % & Amt : Data field to put extra Cash Discount to Customer
  • Net Bill Amt. : Final Invoice amount customer has to pay
  • Cash Tendered : Auto pop up : same as Net Bill Amt. However you can type here the cash tender given by customer that will show Change Value to return to customer in Change Field.
  • Plus Button : By default Software takes Cash as Tender Type, (POS General Settings : "Cash Tender Amount = Net Bill Amount Automatically") however if customer is paying by any other means Eg. Credit/Debit Card, PayTm, PhonePe, GPay, BHIM, or other UPI Link Select option here in pop up window.
  • Just remove amount from cash Field & Type in desired Card / Wallet Field & Select Bank account to post the value for Accounting purpose.
  • you can Create as many Bank Account you want in software as per your requirements. How to create a new Tender Account?.
  • Save the POS Invoice will ask for Print Options.
  • Print, Preview, What's App or SMS the Invoice details as per need.
  • Now see the day closing POS Bill Book Report Below 
~ Day Closing Report
~ Date Filter From & To
~ OK : Refresh
~ Print : Print Hard Copy
~ Excel : to Export into Excel
~ Delete Bills : Selected Bills can be deleted
~ SMS : Selected Bills Customer Nos can be Sent Customized SMS  
~ Search : Search any Billing Data by Customer Name, Account Name, City, Mobile No or other customer Data
~ Multi Filter Search option also available in same button
~ Edit/Delete POS Invoice : Double click on any invoice data line it will open in POS Billing screen you can edit any billed items data if you have user rights.
~ POS Bill Book Footer Area : Screen shows total Summary of all day billing details with print summary option : Ex.;
  1. Total Discount Amount
  2. Net Bill Amount
  3. Cash Received as Tender
  4. Card Amount 1 (first Card text Column)
  5. Card Amount 2 (if you have multiple Credit card payment POS)
  6. Wallet (Paytm, Oxygen Etc.,) (Note that if your Wallet is linked with specific bank than create your bank account for selection because tendered money will go to your bank directly) Wallet option is useful only when you have Tender Amount balance in specific Wallet Account Ex. PayTm Wallet. This will make your Day Closing Procedure Simple, as Software will show Bank Transferred Amount in Card Amt, Cash Amount & Wallet Amount Separately.So that we can easily cross verify the available cash in Cash Drawer.
  7. Bank Amt. : Option for Cheque to receive as tender
  8. Total Receipt : Total Money Received of Net Bill Amount
  9. Balance Amt. : if you have selected specific customer account wile billing in "Customer's Name" & Removed tendered figure from Cash than the Invoice will be posted as "Credit Invoice" to that customer account. this total figure will show here as Balance amount till to receive. 
Thanks POS Day Closing Report Details Finishes Here.
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0


~ Entries - Touch POS
~ Activate from Gear Settings : Modules ON/OFF
~ Items Stored in Item Master will Appear Here. if we have Saved Item Images then it will also Show Here. 
~ Item Group List will Show here to Select the Item from that group.
~ TOUCH POS is Very useful Billing Screen for Fast Food Restaurants or where the No. of Items are not more than 100. 
~ You can select the Item for billing just by touching your finger on the specific image to insert into Billing Screen
~ Edit the quantity of selected item by pressing PLUS or MINUS Button 
~ Change Item Group & again select another item
~ If you have created Sub Item Master Eg. Pizza Size : Large, Med, Small : it will pop up on footer of the selection screen after selection main Item
~ Remove Item : Press Red Cross Button on Left Side of Item
~ Rate Edit : Click on Pen Button on right side of Item will pop up New Rate window to Enter
~ After finishing the Item Selection, you can Give Extra Bill Discount in % or Amount in bill footer area.
~ Use Numeric Touch Key Pad to enter the Numbers in touch POS or Just Mouse Click on it.
~ Select Customer Tender Type : CASH/CARD/CREDIT.
~ Save : Press save button will save the invoice & ask for printing.

* Delivery Challan Entry
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0

~ Menu : Entries - Sale Challan
~ Entry Same as Sales Invoice 
~ Click on New to Start
~ Select Date Range & OK to see report
~ Same screen have selection to view Challans which are converted into Sales Invoice & Still Pending. Radio Button Available with Label : -Pending -Clear -All to select required data
~ Fast Search : Un check to view all data on one page
~ Select All : Check to select all data on screen
~ Delete Bills : Will delete the Challans checked right
~ Print List : Report will print 
~ Export : Excel : Report will be exported to Excel Sheet. 
~ Save the New Challan Entry after entering the Items data
~ Challan will print in A4 Size, can be customized if required.

* Sales Order/QUOTATION Entry
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0 Brain Software User Manual
~ Sales Order is Duly Used as Advanced customer order or giving quotation to any customer
~ Entry & report pattern is same as sales invoice Entry
~ View Pending Orders to Deliver
~ View Pending Quotation to be billed
~ Quotation Making is wonderful utility made here. Click link for more details.
~ Can add Images to items, Store them & use them you want to generate any quotation any time with ready data.
~ Store Customer Master Data with Address, Mobile, maild ID & GSTIN
~ Use them instantly when you require to generate order or quotation of same customer.
~ check history of that customer of previous orders/Quotations made.
~ Fully Customized utility available in making quotations : Eg.,
  1. Customer Details
  2. Company Details with Logo
  3. Product details with image
  4. Product extra description field creation as per need
  5. Product MRP, Offer Price, HSN & GST
  6. Static Fixed terms & Conditions
  7. Flexible Terms & Conditions at time of making quotation
  8. Signature & Seal with company logo
  9. Kind Attention Field
  10. Subject of Quotation
  11. Reference Number of Inquiry
  12. Check the Link....for More Details about quotation making...
~ Save the Order/ Quotation
~ Print as per need in any printer any size of paper
~ Print list of orders / Quotations in date range
~ Mail pdf copy, Preview, Whats App or SMS

Finish Making your Quotation/Order

* Sales Return Entry Screen *
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Sales Return is Entry Screen for Goods Return from Customer, & We want to keep separate entry record for it.
~ However if you want to adjust Return Item During Sales or POS Sales Just type "- Minus" Sign before quantity, that will reduce return Item & add the adjusted new sales Item in same Invoice as routine sales. 

~ Sales Return will also work as Credit Note and You should get print of the same.
~ Entry of Sale Return is same as Sales Bill Entry Training.
~ You can Print Sales Return Entries, Export & Search details from the screen shown above.
~ Adjust the Sales Credit amount of customer to return Entry Voucher Amount in Leger by keeping Payment Mode as "Credit"
~ "Close" or "Esc" to Exit from the screen.

* Purchase Invoice Entry Screen *
~ Purchase Invoice of GRN
~ GRN : Goods Receipt Note which we call it as a Purchase Invoice is Entered here. 
~ Direct Access to enter Purchase Invoice from Dash Board is Available
~ Dash Board Entry :
~ New > Direct New Purchase Invoice Entry Starts

~ Register > Direct Report Opens Item wise Purchase Detail
~ Bills > Direct Purchase Bills Details Report Opens
~ New Entry : Purchase Entry updates three Records at a time in software.
1. Post Credit / Cash Amount to Specific Supplier Account
2. Post Inventory Update to Item Leger
3. Post GST TAX CREDIT Value to GST Registers
~ Start Purchase Invoice Entry by Pressing Enter Key from Key Board
~ Enter the date of Purchase Invoice or edit if previous date entry
~ Select Cash/Credit Payment Mode of Purchase
~ Select Supplier Name from List : Search Criteria - Name wise, Mobile No wise
~ Supplier Details Message pop up : Immediately after selecting specific supplier name from list : Details Contain of Supplier is :
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0

~ The Detail of Supplier Pop are :
> Supplier /Customer Name in RED
> Previous Leger Balance
> Credit Limit of Supplier
> Mobile No
> Phone Number
> GSTIN : If Available
> Aadhaar Card No.
> PAN No. : Comes automatically if GSTIN Entered.

~ Bill No. : Type Supplier Bill No. in this Box : Avoid entering Bill no Prefix & make it Simple
~ Date as on Bill / Note : type any extra remarks of invoice or press enter to go ahead by keeping it blank
~ Due Date : If we have entered Credit Days of Supplier in Master Entry, Due Date will come automatically to pay the invoice amount with reference to Bill date Entered in starting.
~ Item Name : Select the Item from List pop up window : Search Criteria :
1. Starting character of Item
2. Type "%" & any character of Item
3. Short Name Entered in to Item
4. Barcode No of Item : Scan or Type
These will pick up an item for Purchase Invoice Entry
~ "+" Press Plus Button Beside to Create a New Item while entering a purchase invoice
~ "-" Press Pen Button to Edit the Item Master Details Like GST Tax, Name, or Rate & Press Update. will fall back to purchase entry screen with new updated value of an item.
~ Selecting an item will pop an Item Detail like this : 
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0

~ Display will show you Item Stock Details with Sub Items (If created),
MRP Value of an item to select & Barcode No of the same.
~ Create New Sub Item/Batch Data From here by pressing "+" Plus Button 

~ Item Qty : Type the Quantity received same as in purchase invoice here. 
~ Qty : Sub Unit : If Sub Unit is Created in an Item Eg. 1 BOX = 10 Nos. then Sub Qty Field will pop up the required Nos. value here automatically. You can type Sub Qty Units also directly here by keeping qty field blank will calculate reverse Figure automatically as defined in master.  Learn More how to create BOX-LOOSE Quantity Conversion from Here...
~ Free : Type Free Quantity if you have received as same. Free Quantity contains GST to Pay so set Free Quantity GST Applicable from GST Tax Slab Master if Required.
~ Rate : Basic Price of Purchase Invoice Without Tax : By default software will add GST Tax in item on this Rate typed here. However if your Purchase invoice contains Price Including of GST Tax then you can edit or create new "Purchase Type" with Including tax Option.
~ Per : Default Unit will be selected, you can change if multiple units available in item manually
~ Basic Amount : Qty X Rate = Basic Amount : Figure will come automatically here. However if you write Basic amount Directly Software will Reverse Calculate the rate of an item by dividing the Quantity Entered.
~ Dis. % : Type Discount in percentage here
~ Discount Amt : Type Discount amount here
~ Tax Amt. : GST Tax Amount will show here automatically if Item is Selected with specific GST tax Slab.
~ Net Value : Final Amount of Line Item will show here automatically with all discount & Tax Effects.
~ Press Enter will list in final selected items
~ Cursor will move to item list again for another item entry in invoice.
~ Once Finishes Item Entry, You can Save the Purchase Invoice.
~ Before Saving your Purchase Invoice just check the Total Figures of Item Quantity, Basic Amount, Total Tax & Net Invoice Amount.
~ Round Off Final Amoount Settings available in Settings Gear Options.
~ Remove Item from List : Just "Single Click" On specific Item in Bill List & Press "Delete" Button from your Key Board.
~ Edit Item Detail from List : Double Click on specific Item, will come to Item Entry Grid, Edit the details you want to, & Go on pressing enter key up to last field.
~ Delete/Edit Purchase Invoice : Double Click on Purchase Invoice from Bill List Screen, will open the entry screen. Here you will find "Delete" Button on top-Right Space, same way you can edit the Item details entered or Change customer Details and press Update Button to save your Edit.
~ Bulk Delete :  "Bills" Button on Dashboard Below Purchase Icon Will lead you to all list of purchase invoice entered till date. Here you can select specific Date to search the Invoice. or you can search the Invoice supplier name wise by typing name in Footer area "Party Name" Field. Press OK. Now Select by Tick mark on left side of invoice you want to delete in bulk. Press "Delete Bills" Button on top Header Area. Will delete the entries selected. Make sure that you do this activity very calmly because deleted bills can't be retrieved back in any case. However you will be able to find the log of this edits if you want in Menu "Help-Timeline-User Activity Report"

~ Entry Screen of Purchase invoice.
~ Print List Available
~ Select date range as required From & To
~ Fast Search : You can remove this tick mark to see all records on one single page, other wise by default software will show only few entries and others shared on other pages.
~ Select All : will select all invoices in list appear
~ Pending-Clear-All : Radio Buttons shows the list which are paid or pending to supplier / Sundry Creditor Account. 
~ Due - Un Due : Check works Same with Pending amount in reference to Credit Days entered in master & Purchase Invoice Date.
~ Cash Bill Amt & Credit Bill Amt : Total will Display of selected filtered entries.
~ By Single Click on Purchase Invoice Line will show its item entered details in footer area. Double click if editing is required.
~ Footer Summary Area has Lot many Important Buttons to get the required data in excel of multi filter options of purchase invoices entry data.
~ Bills : Print Bulk Selected Bills
~ Party Name : 1st Filter Selection Box : Select the desired field Eg. Party Name(Supplier) or Bill no., Vehicle No, Amount, Remarks etc., & type the required data with "%" sign in Text Box Beside. Now Press OK Button on top to refresh the display data.
~ Slips : Purchase List Print in Slip Format
~ Sheet : Purchase Bill List with Items entered exported to Excel Sheet
~ E-Way : NA
~ Export : Purchase Bill List Export to Excel as it is displayed above with filter conditions. 
~ Import : Import Data from Excel ###
~ Assign : Assign Sales man/ Agent to Specific Invoice from same screen by selecting specific Invoice or Bulk Select
~ Design : Design & Define your own required Columns and data you want to see in report
~ Setting : Available from Gear Box : General Settings : About Purchase entry Screen Behavior
~ Bill No. : 2nd Filter Option available. Both Filter option works  simultaneously at a time as per requirement
~ Convert data into Excel Sheet.
~ "Close" or "Esc"  to exit from the screen.

* Purchase Challan Entry Screen *
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Menu > Entries > Purchase Challan
~ Same Entry as Purchase Invoice
~ Purchase Challan is entered when material is received but Invoice is Not Received, & we have to enter the inventory for Billing purpose.
~ Purchase Challan can be easily converted into Invoice with final rate Edit.
~ Purchase Challan updates stock but doesn't post financial account entry.

* Purchase Return/Debit Note *
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Menu > Entries > Purchase Return
~ Same Entry as Purchase Invoice
~ Purchase Return Entry is done when Material from supplier purchase is not up to mark and need to return back.
~ This entry will post Net Amount to Supplier Leger & Inventory will be deducted from stock available.
~ Same will print document as Debit Note 

* Purchase Order PO Entry *
~ Menu > Entries > Purchase Order
~ Same Entry Pattern as of Purchase Invoice Entry Screen
~ Some Companies & Distributors prefer a PO to generate buyer wants to buy any product or service of.
~ Purchase Order Screen will provide you full Featured options to make any type of detail required. Eg. Ref. No, Price Expected, GST, Terms & Other
~ PO will gets printed, E-mail or what's app pdf file after generating.
~ You can demand customized PO Print Format as per your need any time through crystal report Design.
~ PO can be converted into Purchase Challan or Purchase Invoice anytime and can be edited too.
~ Pending PO : Report available on same screen : Radio Button Selection :Pending: will show you List of PO with selected date range which are not till converted into purchase invoice. (Even Quantity received is less than the PO then software can put Pending Tag till full quantity received. A Setting is to be made in software for this) - Settings : Warnings : 9th :-"Clear Sale/Purchase after Full Qty Only"
~ Press "Esc" or "Close" to exit from screen.

* Barcode Printing Module *
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Dashboard : Items : View List : 
~ Generate Barcode Labels
~ A Barcode will auto generate when you save an item in Brain Software starts from "10001". However if you want your own prefix barcode you can type your own "Numeric" or "Alpha Numeric"  Code in Barcode Field while Item Master Entry.
~ Brand Barcode which are already printed on products needs to just scan in barcode field and saved. it doesn't require to print again separate
~ How to Print Barcode?
~ Just Select "Barcode to Print" option from available list :
  • As per Opening Stock
  • From Purchase Invoice
  • From Production
  • From Stock Reveive
    • (All available with Main Unit & Sub Unit Quantity Selection option)    
~ Case 1 : Print Barcode of any item from list :
> Just Press "OK" Refresh Button on Screen will display all items available in master.
> Type Item Name with "%" Prefix you want to Print Barcode of : in footer Area.
Footer area provides Search options for : Item Name, Company of Item, Group of Item, Barcode Number range Eg. 10025-10030; MRP Range Eg. 550-2000, Sale Price Range & Bill (Purchase) No. wise.
> All list will appear as per selected data filter
> Now Just Click on Left side of Item to select the item you want to print barcode of
> Just type the Quantity required to print Barcode Label numbers required. (Software will show available Opening stock Qty by default)
> Press Print Button will pop up Design Template Selection 
> Press Print / Preview to see your Label generated on screen or print directly.
> You can select all items in list with Tick Mark on "Select All" Check Box. 
> Show All : Tick Mark : will display all items on one screen with filtered search condition
> Perfect Barcode Printing Settings Contains Two Major Parts. 1:Printer Driver Page Size Setting 2:Software Crystal Report Design Format Page Size Settings.
> Brain Software can Print Barcode in Both Types of Printers : 1. Thermal Ribbon Based Barcode Label Printers 2. Laser Printers.
> We use EAN-13 & UPC Code Technique to print Bar Lines Image as Barcode, make sure that you scan few barcode after first printing to check weather its working or not.
~ Case 2 : Print Barcode From Purchase item list :
> Just select the date range above From & To of Purchase Invoice Entered Date.
> Press OK : Display all items entered in purchase invoice with quantity entered
> Select All : Tick Mark Check Box (Remove tick mark from items which you want not to print label) 
> Press "Print Button"
> Purchase Bill Details : This Option will display all items in sequence as entered in purchase invoice
> Purchase Items Records : Option will display Item in Barcode No based sorting list & print the same way.
> Bill No : Footer Filter : Type the desired Bill (Purchase) No. in footer area. to have specific invoice items display on screen.
~ Case 3 : Print Barcode From Production Data
> Select Date range
> Press OK : will display all item repacked or Produced
> Press Print
~ Case 4 : Print Barcode From Closing Stock List 
> Press OK to Refresh Data on screen with current items having final Stock available in software
> Select required Items, Edit the quantity required and Press Print Button.

~ Press "Close" or "Esc" Button to Exit from the Screen.

* Credit Note / Debit Note *
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Credit Note : Issued when any Amount to credit into account of supplier / customer.
~ Debit Note : Issued when any amount to Debit into account of customer / Supplier.
~ Generally if Return of Goods is done then the Entry will be called as Debit Note for Supplier & Credit Note for Customer.
~ Entry & Report pattern of CN / DN is same as that of Purchase Invoice entry training.
~ Print Format for CN & DN is Ready available once you save the document & go for print.
~ Effect of Amount of CN & DN will be posted to customer / Supplier Leger Account immediately after save.
~ Press Close or "Esc" Button to Exit from the screen.

* Production Entry Screen *
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Production Module is Extra in Brain Software & can be Enabled from Masters Settings : Modules ON / OFF.
~ Enabling this Module will be available in Menu > Entries > Production
~ Before you start production you have to first prepare BOM (Bill of Material) or Recipe of Final Goods to Produce. This Entry can be done from Process Master
~ Once Process BOM ready you are ready for making production entry.
~ Go on pressing Enter Key >
> Date : By Default Current system date will display, you can edit it else press enter
> Vch. No. : Voucher Number will come automatically in Continuous sequence for one financial year data.
> Process Name : Select the Process of Item to Produce here from list
> Main Item to Produce : Finished goods Item will display here automatically which is defined in process master selected.
> Qty Main Unit : Just type the units required of main item to produce & press Enter  
> Qty Sub Unit : Type Sub Unit of Item to Produce in 2nd text entry field, Enter 
> OK Button : Display data of Finished Goods Generated & Raw materials to consume in Left & Right Column respectively with the units defined as in BOM Process Master.
> Save : Bottom Right Button : Save the Production entry will make two changes in inventory at a time. 
    1.  Increase Quantity units in Finished Goods Item
    2.  Decrease Quantity units in Raw Materials Defined Item
> Repackaging : Repackaging activity can also be done from same screen
> Repackaging usually very useful process in grocery and Namkeen Manufacturing Business Structures
> Eg. 100 Kg of Mix Namkeen to be repacked in 250Gm & 500Gm. Then Make Three Items :
1. Mix Namkeen in Kg
2. Mix Namkeen 250Gm
3. Mix Namkeen 500Gm
> Now make a Process to Make "Mix Namkeen 500Gm" for Main Item to Produce & Enter Raw Material to Consume as "Mix Namkeen in Kg" with a Unit as "0.5" & in case of 250Gm Packing Unit will be "0.25"
~ Produced Items Report available in software in Display
    Reports > Production Reports > Production Register with Zoom In & Out
~ Produced or Re Packed Items Barcode can be printed from "Barcode Printing Screen" Easily, with Ready Nos. as Quantity Produced or repacked.
~ Exit Screen : Press "Esc" or Close Button.

* Stock Journal * 
Manual Production screen without Recipe or BOM ::
~ Sometimes production process doesn't have standard BOM or Recipe to make
~ In such Conditions Stock Journal Entry Screen is Used
~ Menu > Entries > Stock Journal :
~ In this screen you will be able to select Finished Goods Product Manually and enter quantity
~ Same way you can enter raw material consumed for this production Manually with actual quantity used during this activity
~ REPORT : Separate Report is available for this entry :  
    Menu > Reports > Production Reports > Stock Journal with Zoom in & Out
~ Produced or Re Packed Items Barcode can be printed from "Barcode Printing Screen" Easily, with Ready Nos. as Quantity Produced or repacked.
~ Exit Screen : Press "Esc" or Close Button.

* GST Voucher Entry Screen *
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Menu > Entries > Tax Voucher
~ Sales, Purchase entry without Inventory can be done Here
~ Expense Entry with GST Details can be entered here
~ Start will Show List first
~ New : New Entry Starts
> Date : Current system date will come automatically, you can edit the date of entry if you want to
> Select Entry Type from List : Sales, Purchase, Sale/Purchase Return, Credit Note, Debit Note, Expense Voucher Etc.,
> Terms : Cash / Credit
> Party : Select Sundry Creditor/Debtor or Expense Account Name here ; Selecting a party name here will display party lager Balance
> Type : Voucher type Eg. Sales/Purchase will come automatically as per entry type selected.
> On Account of : Auto Account Display will come here, you can change the Account here if you want to post this entry Amount in specific Account Lager. Create New Account from here by pressing Plus Button Beside or pen button to edit.
> Bill No. : Type reference Bill No of "voucher" here or will come in continuous sequence.
> Tax Slab : Select from List of 5,12,18,28 or Zero, Which voucher demands
> Taxable Amount : Type the Basic Amount of Bill of specific tax slab
> Tax Amt | Cess Amt | Special Cess : Amount will come automatically according to to tax slab selected and entered Basic Amount
> Total Amount : Basic Amt + Tax Amount = Total Amount : Display Automatically
> Description : Type details of Line Entry of Voucher if required, Press Enter to go ahead skipping the field Blank :
~ Pressing Enter Key Here will drop the Line Entry to List Grid & Allow cursor to enter another tax slab entry in same voucher
~ Other Charges : Select from List available if any other charge Eg. Transport, Freight Charge to add or deduct. You can create New or Edit Existing account by pressing plus or Pen Button.
~ Transport Details : Right Bottom Corner fields contains data of voucher to enter about Transport & Delivery
~ Bottom Left : Previous Next Entry Scroll Buttons are available
~ Total Summary Grid available at Bottom of voucher screen
~ Save : Press Save Button to Save Else "Close" / "Esc" Button to Exit from Screen.
~ Exit Screen will lead you to Report Screen of Tax Voucher
~ Select Data from Date Range Available
~ Filter Data by tick mark on check box available of voucher type to view
~ OK : Refresh Filtered Data to View
~ New : New Entry of Voucher
~ Excel : Transfer filtered screen display data to Excel / CSV
~ Press "Close" or "Esc" Button to Exit from screen

* Payment & Receipt Entry Screen
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Quick Payment : Ctrl + Y
~ Quick Receipt : Ctrl + R
~ Quick Payment Entry : Payment will be done to Suppliers & Other Expenses of Business
~ Quick Receipt Entry : Receipt will be done of customers whose credit invoice are generated from software
~ Entry Screen : Go on pressing Enter Key up to Save.
> Date : Display current Date by default, can change it as per receipt / payment transaction actual date
> Payment Mode : Cash / Bank Name select from available List : By default Cash lager is available, if you want to create a new bank account, than press Plus Button Beside or Pen for Edit. Reopen the screen to check new account to display.
> Wallet Banks : PayTm : Create a new account in name of "Paytm Bank" & Group as Bank Account if you are receiving or paying amount from paytm wallet.
> However if you are using wallets just for UPI Transfer reference Eg. Phone Pe,  G Pay or Paytm etc., Just create the Bank account which these app wallets are associated with & put in remark or cheque no as payment received through PhonePe, or G pay app UPI.
> Online Transfer of payment or receipt is also done in same way, and in text box of Cheque No. you can write NEFT/RTGS/IMPS as money transfer Mode.
> Receipt No. : Continuous Sequence No of entry will display here automatically
> Account Name : Select Sundry Creditor / Debtor or Account which transaction entry is to be done
> Amount : Type the Amount of payment / receipt (Pending Bill List window will pop here if you have checked Right "Maintain Bill to Bill Balance" Option in Account Master)
> Discount : Type the amount of discount if you are getting some less amount than specified and still want to close that transaction figure from lager
> Remarks : Type description if required about payment or receipt. In case of General expense entry you can type details about expense in remarks.
> Save : Save the Document by pressing enter key press.
~ REPORT : Same screen will display the list of payments/receipt of specific date & payment mode with total amount in bottom right corner.
~ Previous Next : Search Arrow keys in bottom right corner for transactions done
~ Print : Print Payment / Receipt Voucher if required (Cheque Print Option also available in case of payment made through Bank)
~ Settings : if you want to skip cursor in specific fields every time you can use this option. Very useful for multiple entries to be done at a time.
~ Import : Import from Excel Payment / Receipt entries.
~ Report available for this Transaction are :
    1. Menu > Reports > Quick Payment Register
    2. Menu > Reports > Quick Receipt Register
~ Exit from Screen : Press "Close" or "Esc" Button.

* Bank Entry Transaction. *
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Menu > Entries > Bank Entry (ctrl+N)
~ All Payments & Receipts of Bank Transactions are done through Quick Payment & Quick Receipt Respectively. Still we need to Use this Bank Entry Screen for Few Transactions Listed Below.
  1. Cash Withdraw
  2. Cash Deposit
  3. Bank to Bank Transfer (Own Bank Accounts)
  4. Bank Charges Deduction
~ Lets Start Entry
> Date : By default Current system date will appear, you can always edit it
> Select Bank : Created Banks in Account Master will display here, You can create New Bank Account by pressing Plus Button Beside or Pen Button to Edit
> Entry : Select Transaction type from Fixed List : Ex. Cash Deposit, Bank Expenses Etc., 
> Account Name : Select from the List of Accounts created, view all list here, search by typing a name of account. Create a New Account by Pressing a Plus Button & Edit by pressing a Pen Button if required.
> Amount : Type the Figure you want for transaction
> Cheque No. : Type Cheque No if receipt is done
> Cheque Dt. : Type cheque Date : We recommend you to keep the Entry date same as cheque Date so it will give effect in bank lager as on actual clearance basis, and less time will be consumed for Reconciliation (Software don't have Extra Screen for this)
> Remarks : Type narration of your transaction entry if required else press enter key will save the entry & show in list grid of the screen
> Bottom Screen :  
  • Delete : Select Entry & press Delete key
  • Previous Next Scroll Keys
  • Print Entry Details
  • Attache : Attach External documents
~ Exit : Press "Close" or "Esc" Button to exit from the screen.

* JV Entry & CONTRA (Journal Voucher) 
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Menu > Entries > Financial Accounting > Journal (ctrl+J)
~ Journal Voucher Entry is popular as JV Entry in accountants
~ JV Entry is used to enter "Kasar" amount of any customer or supplier account to make it zero
~ Other Expenses also get settled in JV Entry Eg. if you are using your credit card for payments then your first entry for expense account will be of your credit card bank account on credit side, and same amount you have to put in debit for specific account which you are making an expense of paying for.. Ex. Petrol Expense. This Entry will post two figures : 1.Credit Card Bank Lager & 2.Petrol Exp Lager.  Now when month is over you will see the amount of your credit card to pay date wise in lager & make its due payment through "Quick Payment" Window. you can also cross verify the statement of bank with your made entries.
~ Let's Start Entry Now :
> Date : By default System Date will show here, you can edit it if you want
> Vch. No. : Voucher No will display automatically here in continuous sequence, no need to change
> Dr/Cr : Debit/Credit : Select from two options :
> Account Name : All accounts created will display here, select the you want by typing a name, :: Plus-Pen Button can be used to create new account or edit
> Amount : Type the figure you want for transaction 
> Short Narration : Type any remarks required here for this entry Press Enter Key will again lead you to make cross entry of JV Account.
> Cr/Dr Account : comes automatically as per cross entry made in previous account. Select cross account to post lager in, type amount, narration & Save
> Save : Bottom - Right : Entry will be saved.
> Long Narration : Extra details can be entered here for explanation of why this JV was made. because it always requires explanation & we forget why we did this entry for account settlement if it is big figure.
> Credit Total : Debit Total :: will be always equal.
> Print : After save Print Dialogue Box will open automatically. At top Right Corner 
> Delete : to delete the entry : go to report find the entry, double click to edit or delete
> REPORT : Menu > Reports > Financial Accounting > Journal Register
~ Select date Range, OK to Refresh Data, Print & View list Export to Excel utilities are available here. 
~ Exit : Press "Close" or "Esc" Button to Exit from the screen.

* Contra Entry *
~ Menu > Entries > Financial Accounting 
~ Entry pattern is same as JV Entry Screen
~ Contra Entry is made generally to settle figures of cash & Bank cross lagers
REPORT : Menu > Reports > Financial Accounting > Contra Register 




* A. Print Command Window :
Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Print command 
~ Common Screen
~ Select Format
~ Edit Format 
~ Print Directly
~ Preview then Print
~ E mail pdf copy
~ What's app pdf link
~ Export to Excel
~ Select Original, Duplicate, Transporter or Blank (Invoice without any label) ->go to Settings to set the required settings default Behavior.
~ Brain software generates this Print Window on print command in any Sales, Quotation, Credit Note Transaction screen or print any report.
~ Most beautiful part of software is this.
~ we can select here any design formats available in list for print.
~ Just Press "Plus" Button beside Format Selection to add new invoice format in list or press "Pen" Button to edit the existing design format.
~ The Design Format is in crystal report and location of report displays below format selected. 
~ You can make any change in this report from crystal report software 
~ You can have multiple business printing formats for same screen to select
~ Below to this print screen there is Four Check Boxes to select. This is generally used to print sales Invoice/Proforma/Delivery Challan Etc., (Field No. : T33). The Selected label will print on top right Corner of Document automatically. You can give multiple prints at a time by selecting all check box at a time.
~ Print : Will print the Document at a time

Billing Barcoding Accounting Inventory Management Software. Speed Plus 9.0
~ Preview : Preview of Printing document 
~ You will see Print Button from Preview Screen also
~ Even you can Double click on report name on top Left Corner will directly lead you to edit the Print Format in crystal report Software. (if Installed) as shown in image beside Here.
~ Click on Envelope Icon Top-Left Corner : Will show you option to export the same document data into Excel, Pdf, Text, CSV, XML formats in single Click. Just select the format you want to convert and than in destination select "Application" Press OK. 
~ E mail : Better to create pdf document first & then Attach the same into mail Box. You can automatize this process by Allowing your google mail id in company info for "Less Secure Apps" - Not Recommended.
~ What's App : This button will make pdf copy of your invoice upload to shared server make its link and send it directly to customer mobile No. your customer has to open that link & download the document required in specific time. This is done through What's App Web Gateway. Watch Video  : We recommend that you make a pdf copy of invoice first then open your what's app web on your computer screen, just drag & drop the pdf file to that customer Chat Box. This will ensure the delivery of your document 100%. 

* B. Hardware Supported Printers :
~ Any Printer is Supported in our Brain Software with any Screen Entry you want to Print.
~ List of Few popular Print technology 

  • Laser Printer
    • Most Recommended Black & White Print Printer, High Initial Cost, Low Maintenance Cost, Requires Toner Refill after good no of prints as per mfg. specification
    • Popular Brands : Canon, HP
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
    • Most Recommended Black N White Print Printer. High Initial Cost, Zero Maintenance Cost. Very much useful at all Billing POS Counters. 
    • Very fast Speed Print Technology, (Live Video) Easy to Replace Thermal Roll, Auto Cutter Technology of Receipt at End of Print Document.
    • Printer uses Thermal Head to print on Chemical Pasted Thermal Paper Roll to Print.
    • Popular Brands : Epson TM Series, TVS
    • Cheap Thermal Printer (Click for Live Video) also available which costs 2000 Rs. to 3000 Rs. Only with 2Inch Paper Roll Width, recommended for only those users who want to try POS Billing with very very Low Budget. Because these printers don't give 100% Reliability of Print when needed. Driver Installation issue with these printers is most frequent. Still if you have enough time to reinstall driver or POS counter is not much Print Receipt Sensitive than you can go for it.
  • Desk Jet/Inkjet Printer
    • Not Recommended for Office Use, This printers are very less in cost but has high maintenance cost in form of cartridge refill. generally people buys it for children education purpose where usage is very less & black & white + Color Prints are required.
    • Popular Brands : HP
  • Ink Tank Printer
    • Prints Black & White & Color Copy Image, Reasonable maintenance but Independent of Servicing as Color refill are available in external Tube Form which can be refilled very easily when exhausts and can see the levels of Inks. Useful where colored copy prints required in less Nos.
    • Popular Brands : EPSON
  • Dot Matrix Printer
    • Recommended for Pharma, Bank Sector Etc., for Receipt Prints. Where very high volume of Receipts required to print every day. Printer has High initial cost but has almost zero maintenance cost as Print Requires Ribbon Technology which needs to be replaced after lot many prints with very less cost of new Ribbon. Ribbons are available in Black, Red & Both Combination color. Takes reasonable to print & Noise at the time of printing.
    • Popular Brands : Epson, TVS
  • Barcode Label Printer
    • Popular to Print Barcode Based Labels or Simple Labels Prints of Products with Required details. (Watch Live Video Zenpert 4T 200, TSC TE 244)
    • Barcode Label Printer Uses Ribbon to Print, Which Gives enough accurate Bar Lines to Print so that it can be scanned easily at POS Billing Counter & Even doesn't fade out the Image in long time or Product Multi Touch Case.
    • Barcode Printing from Laser Printer is also done by many uses who have low budget and not much concern with accuracy of Bar Lines Image o even Speed & Complexity of inserting A4 Size Paper Every time - with risk of Adhesive paper to stuck up in Toner Cartridge. We don't recommend to print Barcode Label Print through Laser Printer still we have that utility available in our Brain software to print any size Laser Barcode Label. Check Different Ready to use Label Sizes available of Oddy Self Adhesive Label Sheet or Novojet Label Sheet Brands.
    • Video for Laser Barcode Printing (Live)
    • Video for Tagging & Labeling  
    • Barcode Printer can be used as Thermal Receipt Printer Also if you are very low with budget and have enough time to remove ribbon & Change Label Roll to Receipt Roll. Driver Configuration Settings
  • Laser Color Printer
    • Not Much recommended for office usage. Very High initial Cost & Maintenance. Not much used for business documents printing
  • All in One Printer with Scanner
    • All in one printers comes with Scanner on TOP, More Tray to Load Paper & Copier (Zerox)
    • We don't recommend this printer to keep in office if you don't have much space & Budget.
    • Because copy or scan document is done by our mobile itself now a days. So no need to maintain such a Big Elephant in Office Space.
  • pdf Printer (do pdf )
    • Its a concept printer, which can convert any document into pdf file to export, mail or what's App. Download it from here.

* C. Stationery Size Supported :

~ Any Size of paper is supported in Brain Software which supports Printer.
~ Just make your Printer Default & Print any Document from software will print in that selected default Printer. 
    -> How to make Printer Default : Go to Windows Menu - Search for "Printers & Devices" - Right Click on Specific Printer Driver - Click on "Set as default Printer" -Green Right Mark will appear to show that the job is Done.
~ List of Size of Paper Supported in Brain Software
  1. A4 Paper
  2. A5 Paper Vertical
  3. A5 Paper Horizontal
  4. Legal Size Paper (Landscape or Potrait)
  5. Quarter Size of A4 Paper
  6. 2Inch or 2.75" Thermal Roll
  7. 4Inch Thermal Roll  (Available in Barcode Printer)
  8. Pre Printed Stationery
  9. Pre Printed Laterpad
  10. Colorful or Black N White
  11. Any Size of Bar code Label (Eg. 50x25MM, 38x25MM etc.,)
Almost all size of paper & stationery with any logo or template design is possible to print from our Software and can be customized as per your need any time by you only with the use of crystal report software available to download.