Crystal Report Help Full Guide for Invoice, Report, Barcode Design

Crystal Report Version 8.5 

1. How to Convert A4 Size Profile into Thermal Setting?
Ex. Detail Section Should Suppress.
Answer : Just Take the Page Footer Texts into Report Footer Section.
Then Call Report Footer as immediate after detail section.
Download Crystal Report Version 8.5 from Here
(Universal Setup Useful for All General Software)

The Link Below will Give you URL where you can Upload the Color Image you have, and it will Give you that Color HEX Value.
How to Find Color Code RGB Value for Crystal Report  from Image ??:
The Below URL : Insert the Hex Value you have got from Above Website, Paste that Value into this Website, This will Give you Values into "RGB" Codes.
This RGB Codes you can use into your Crystal Report Custom Color Defining to have exact Effect as you are demanded by your Client. 

Thanks you.

Crystal Report 9.0...
Unicode Regional Language Input Tutorial for Solver Software
Unicode Profiles : Use Crystal Report 9.0 
Download Crystal Report Version 9.0 from Here
(*** Use for Regional Local Language Print Only)

3. How to Change Database Path of Crystal Report?

4. How to add sum(total) in Crystal Report Field?

:: Queries of Crystal Report ::
1. If & Else Query in any report
if {dao.ON2} > 2000 Then "Get your 10% Discount on Next Purchase." Else "Thanks for Shopping"
Above query Explains : If Invoice Amount is greater than 2000Rs. Invoice will Print the Message give above if not than will print the Else Message.
Method : You have to go to Insert - "Formula Fields"
Create New formula
In query field you have to type above line as requirement.
1. You can Edit the Field "ON2" as Bill Amount
2. You can Edit Invoice Amount "2000"
3. You can Edit Then Query Statement to Print "Get your 10% Dis..."
4. You can Edit Else Query to Print "Thanks for Shopping"

1. Making Font Bold Query in any Lab report
Open "Testreport.rpt" File
Right Click on Test Result Field "T3"
Go to Fonts TAB
Now Enter these Queries Below in "Format Formula Editor"
Font Style :
iif({dao.N6} = 1, 3,1)
2nd Character  if Not in Normal Range, 3rd Character  if in normal Range  
0 = normal
1 = bold
2 = Italic normal
3 = Italic Bold

Font Size :
iif({dao.N6} = 1, 16,12)
2nd & 3rd Character shows Font Size.
2nd Character  if Not in Normal Range  
3rd Character  if in normal Range

 Font Color
iif({dao.N6} = 1,255,1)
2nd & 3rd Character shows Font Color
2nd Character if not in Normal Range
3rd Character if in Normal Range
No :  255 is for Red Color.

Q. How Many Maximum Characters does a Text Box can be store in MS Access Database & Printing?
- 255 Characters Maximum.

Q. How to Insert Many Data Fields in to one Text Box & Suppress if Blank?
- Insert all data fields in to one Text Box, as per requirement, Fix the Size as per requirement & then just tick mark on "Suppress Embedded Field Blank Lines" This should Suppress the data field which is Blank. 

Q. If Numeric Field is Zero then Should Not Print the Field or Zero
A. Make one Value Formula with below Query :
if val ({dao.OT37}) = 0 Then "" Else {dao.OT37}
- dao.OT37  is field name

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