Quotation Making Software Free

 Download your "Quotation Making Software Free" Now with Full User Manual Guide & Live Video how to operate!!!
Quotation Making Software Free Lifetime Easy to Download, Fast to Operate

Quotation making Software Absolutely Lifetime Free with Ready Print template

~ 2. Quotation Making Software Free (341MB)
~ Approx time to download both files (10-12 Min.)
~ Install Software Setup file into your Windows OS First
~ Now go to Software Source Folder 
>My Computer/My PC
>D/C/E Drive
>Quotation Making Software Free (Folder)
>Find "Support_Setup" File : Install this Setup into your PC.
Now You can Start Using Software from Desktop Icon "Quotation Making Software Free"

* Watch Live Video How to Download, Install & Operate this Free Software.

:: Quotation Making Software Free Features ::
* Unlimited Quotation Making
* Customer Details Master
* Product Details Master
* Print or make pdf Copy
 * Report Register
* Flexible Terms & Conditions
* Flexible Product Description
* GST Tax Details Summery
* Auto Page Length for More Products in One A4 Page
|| Watch Video Here ||

:: User Manual ::
:: Let's Start ::
~ Check Software Icon "Quotation Making Software Free" on your Desktop
~ Double click icon to start software
:: Select Company ::
~ The Below Image Screen will appear
~ Just Double Click on Company Name "Quotation Making Software Free" to Start Software
(Don't Create a New Company)
:: User Login Page ::
~ Just Press "Next"
~ Password is "1"
~ Press Login 
:: Dashboard of Software ::
~ Check Dashboard of Software
~ Right Vertical Panel is Shortcuts to open the Pages
~ Top Left Side is Menu Bar for Entries
:: Company Info ::
~ Click on "Master" in Menu
~ Now Click on "Company Info"
~ Screen will display as shown in Below Image
~ Now just Edit the Details as required
Make Sure that this Details will print as your company information on quotation, so type the details which you want to print on your quotation.
~ Press "Update" Button.
:: Product Master ::
~ Just Click on "Items" in Menu Bar as shown (Ctrl+I)
~ Now type the Details as required 
~ Details shown in Below Image for guide
~ Please Note that "Company", "Group" & "Units" Can be added as required in Master List by Pressing "Plus" Button beside or "Pen" Button to edit the data.
~ Don't skip the Header fields just by clicking mouse, But go on pressing "Enter Key" from your keyboard that will lead you to enter / select the data required.
~ you can keep the "Short Name" Field Blank & Skip it
~ You can keep Price Menu Bar Blank & Skip
~ Sales Price & MRP Field will display automatically on Screen while selecting product for making quotation.
~ Press Save Button to save master data
~ Press "List" to check the list of items
~ "Edit/Delete" Double click on any Product name to edit / Delete
~ "Import" Product list import from Excel is available will work with specific template
~ "Export" Excel Template for Product Import will be available after one Product Entry manually in master & then just Press Export Button.
Make Sure that you type all the required fields there in excel, else it won't import data perfectly.
(We will help personally to import data on chargeable basis)
~ "Print" Item List on Screen can be printed with this button
~ "Search" Specific Product can be searched by name of any other field required with two filter options available on footer of this Item List Screen. 
~ "Enable Fast Search" Remove this Check Mark on header section of Item List to see all Products entered on single page.
~ Close or Esc Button for Exit from the screen
:: Product Master ::
~ Press "ctrl+A" or click "Account" on Menu Bar
~ List of accounts will display first
~ There are many default account list, please ignore them, Don't try to delete them
~ "Export/Import" button on list page for Excel Sheet Data Migration
~ Data search option available on header section with multi data type selection with field - Press "Search" Button to Display the filtered data
~ "New" Customer Details Entry
~ Type the required details as shown in below image by pressing enter key
~ "Group" Select Account Group as "Customer" is compulsory
~ Type all other details required to print on quotation
~ You can skip other fields if not required
~ Edit / Delete : Double click on specific account to edit or delete from Account list
~ Close - Press "Esc" or "Close" Button to exit from the screen

:: Quotation's List ::
~ Click on Sales Menu (ctrl+S)
~ "New" Press New Button for New Quotation Making
~ List of screen will display all quotation made till selected date range
~ Press "OK" Button to display any selected filtered data
~ Specific Number Quotation of name search filter available in footer area on left & Right corner
~ List can be printed or transported to Excel Sheet
~ "Esc" / "Close" Button to Exit from Quotation List Screen
~ "New" Press New Button for New Quotation Making
:: Quotation Making ::
~ Press New to Start
~ Date : Select the quotation date required
~ Select Terms
~ "Party" Select Customer Name or Create New with Plus Button / Edit With pen Button Beside
~ Sale Type "Quotation"
~ Pressing Enter Key will display "Terms & Conditions Page"
~ Five Dynamic Terms Text Boxes will open
~ Type the data required else skip these fields by pressing enter key
~ Bill No (Quotation No) will display automatically
~ Go on pressing enter Key will lead you to Enter Product details
~ Create New / Edit With Plus / Pen Button
~ Select Specific Product by typing name / Short name of Product. Put Prefix as "%" to search Product name with any character search
~ Press "F12" to Filter product list by company / Group Name fields
~ Select the Product, Type the Price to Quote with Main Qty 
~ Skip Alt Qty & Free Box
~ Go on pressing enter key will allow you to select another Product from list.
~ "Save" Press Save to Finish quotation making.
~ Press "Charges" Button for Extra details to print on Quotation
~ Eg. Inquiry Ref No. / Contact Person Name
~ Select Extra Charge from "Particulars List here" Eg. Freight Charge
as displayed in below image
~ After you Press "Save" Print Option will open as displayed in below image
~ Use "Print" or "Preview" Button as required
~ Check Preview of Quotation is Ready on Screen
~ Press Print Icon to Print the Quotation
~ Press "Small Envelope" Icon to Export quotation to pdf
~ Press Close to Exit from Preview Screen 

:: Final Quotation Preview ::

:: Quotation Report/Register ::
~ Sale Register is the Report works with Full date filter for all quotations made till date
~ Export to Excel or Print the List as required
~ Footer section provides summary totals of data on display
~ Shortcut Key (crtl+R)

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