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Prepare your Quotation in just a few minutes with predefined data

Quotation Making for Computer Hardware, Interior Designer, With Image, Machine, Speed Plus 9, Gofrugal, HSPOS, Raymedi Software
~ Download the Demo Software Now
~ Start saving your Items into Item Master
~ Attach the Images with items (if required)
~ Insert the details required in the item
~ Item Brand
~ Item Type / Category
~ Item GST Tax 
~ Item Description Static
~ Item Dynamic Description
~ Item Crucial data like warranty etc.,
~ Dimension of Item or service
~ HSN Code of Item / Service
~ Create New Additional Fields if required
~ Create unlimited items
~ Unlimited Customer Details
~ Import Item List from Excel Sheet
~ Scale for any business format quotation
~ Ready to Use
~ Low Starting, Operating, Maintenance Cost. 

Download Both Setup Files & Install into your PC

2. Download Support Setup

Full User Manual of Quotation Making Software :: 
* Once you Download both above setup & install them into your PC, 
QMS - Quotation Making Sw
will start with dashboard screen like this.

Let's Start the Software
Step 1 : Create a New Company (Keep Default User ID & Password as "1")
Step 2 : Login to your Company 
Step 3 : Create a New Product / Item With Item Master
Step 4 : Transactions > Sales Order  :: Start your Entry Now :::
Check Below Images for Help Guide ::

* Item Master
* Master > Items : ctrl + I
* Press New for New Item Entry 
* Item Name, Unit, Sales Rate, are few compulsory fields to enter. Make sure that you keep pressing "Enter" key to move forward during data entry and not to skip initial compulsory fields.
* Image : Double Click on Image corner right-Bottom corner and select your .jpeg Image from File Explorer. 
* You can even import the Item list from Excel Sheet, that requires precision and we will help you doing the same for you. When you press Export from Item List Screen, You will get the template to import the item in Software.

* Quotation - Sales Order Screen :
* Menu > Transactions >  Sale Order
* Press New Button & Start making your Quotation in Sales Order Screen of Software.
* Go on Pressing Enter Key will guide you the Required data to fill while making your Quotation.
* Party Name : Creating New Customer name for your Quotation is Very Easy. Just Press "Plus" Button Beside Party Name Box that will guide you to Create New Customer Account.
* After Saving Customer Name, just go on Pressing Enter Key will take you to Narration : i.e. your Ref. No. of your Quotation.
* Now Press Enter will take you to Item Name Selection Box, select the Item required to quote, Type the Quantity, Type the Rate Required and go on pressing enter key until software asks for another item selection.
* That's all, Now go to Bottom Left Panel of other Charges, and select if any extra charge required for your quotation.

* Dynamic Terms & Conditions :
* Quotation "Terms & Conditions" can be created from 
Software Menu > Tools > Additional Fields > Sales Order :: Select "5" or any no. of dynamic Terms to type during making of your quotation.
* If you have some Terms & Conditions are fixed that can be typed in required format once only. We will help you doing that in crystal report.
* Job Done Now.
* Your Quotation is Ready to Print :: 
* Press Save Button after you Finish Entering the Item List for your Quotation.
* A pop up window will guide you for Quotation Design Template to select from multiple design list.
* After Selecting specific design template of quotation you can select weather you want Product Image to Print on your Quotation or Not. 
* Done Now. You can Press "Preview" Button before you give print to review the Quotation before it gets print. 
* Preview Design is Ready Now.
* Check the Header Button for Settings :
* Printer Setup : will allow you to select the printer you want to Print the Quotation In.
* What's App : will allow you to send pdf copy to Whats App of Customer (Will work with Extra Charges)
* PDF File : Creates .pdf file of your Quotation
* EMail : Will ask for customer Mail ID to send pdf Copy. (Requires Straight Mail without two step verification of your mail login). We recommend to make pdf copy first then Send it via mail or whats app manually to avoid mistakes and communication extra charges to pay. 
* Left - Top Corner Space you will find small printer icon to print the document directly.
* Same Panel you will find "Export" Envelope Icon, which will help you convert the same document in to any format eg. .txt, .csv, .exls, .doc, .html. etc.,
* Set Auto Square Feet Calculation, take use of this link
* Your job is Done. You can Close the Screen Now. 

# Here is an Extra Screen showing that How you can add or Remove Extra Additional Fields to type in Item Master.
# Item List : Settings :
# Click on "Additional Fields" to add extra details to your Product. Max 10 Fields can be opened here. You can have all fields printed into your Quotation. We will help you doing this.
# "Sub Item Master" : Product with different Size / Weight / Batch or other required Field can be created here as static product info Fields to Select while creating Item. Still you will have option for each item in Item Master weather you want sub Item in particular item or not. "Check Box - Maintain Batch" in Item Master.

* Creating Account of your Customer
* Easy & Fast
* Press ctrl + A or Open New from Account Master from Menu Master
* Now Just Click on "Get Auto Party GST Details" and type the Customer GSTIN there, press enter will fetch all customer data from GSTIN Website automatically.
* You can type the data required if not available GSTIN.
* Use "Customer" as Account Group.
* Contact Person : Type the Name of Person here, it will print in quotation. Make sure that if you are making quotation for any company, Account Name will be company name but the Contact Person will be different than that & you have to print that name on your quotation. 

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