Battery Business Software

   Battery Business Management Software for all Types of Trading   

Battery Business Management Software for all Types of Trading with Serial No wise Inventory, Guarranty Card, Accounting, GST and Customer Details.

Battery Business Management Software for all Types of Trading with Serial No wise Inventory, Guaranty Card, Accounting, GST and Customer Details.

# Software Main Features #
* Super Speedy Login
* Replacement of Old Battery
* FOC Invoice
* Auto Email Invoice to Customer from Sales Screen
* Wholesale Sales Bill
* Sales man Commission
* Offers & Discounts
* Purchase
* Barcode & Price Tags
* Challan
* PO
* Proforma Invoice
* Credit / Debit Note
* Payment / Receipts
* Bank Management
* Cash Book
* Customer mini CRM
* GST Reports
* Daily Expenses
* User based Security
* Multi Company
* Outstanding & Leger
* Scrap Battery Management
* Backup of Data

:: Speedy Login Dashboard ::
Battery Business Management Software for all Types of Trading with Serial No wise Inventory, Guaranty Card,   Accounting, GST and Customer Details.
~ Install the Software
~ Start with Create New Company
~ Dashboard  with Quick Access Panel (Right)
~ Start Data Entry with New Battery Product

:: Product Master ::
Part A # Product Entry
~ Data Entry of Product Like Battery
~ Main Fields to Check
1. Item Name : Battery Name
2. Tax Slab : GST %
3. Item Company : Make of Battery
4. Item Group : Category > Eg. Battery / UPS/ Solar Etc.,
5. HSN / SAC Code : Harmonized System Network Code
6. Check Box "This Item requires Serial No. Tracking"
*** Check ON this Box ONLY if you want to maintain Purchase Serial Nos.
Otherwise there is Very Easy way (Recommended) to Maintain Only Sold Battery Serial No. record which is more Important. 
Click here Easy way to Maintain Sr. No. Entry
7. Purchase Price, Sales Price, MRP
8. Item Description : Eg. Battery Warranty Details

Part B # Service Charges Entry
~ Data Entry of Service Like "Battery Charging"
~ Main Fields to Check
1. Item Name : Battery Charging Charges
2. Tax Slab : GST 18%
3. Item Company : Service
4. Item Group : Category > Eg. Service
5. HSN / SAC Code : Services Accounting Code
Battery Related Services SAC Code will be : 9987
7. Sales Price will be Service Charge

Battery Serial Number Setting in Item Master
Recommended Easy way to Maintain Sold Battery Serial No. Tacking
Scan / Type Serial Number of Battery While Making Sales Invoice in Additional Detail Item "Text Box"
:: Settings of Creating Additional Field in Item Master ::
:~ Above Image for Reference how to Create "Serial No." Text Box 
~ This Box will open while Making Sales Invoice of Customer
~ Scan the Serial No. of Battery with Barcode Scanner
~ Type Serial Number in to this Pop up Box Manually while making Sales Invoice.
~ Track / Search this Entered Serial Number anytime into Report

Maintaining Serial Number of Battery/UPS or any other Electrical Product is important because these Products come with two / three Years Warranties. When Customer Comes with Failure of Product, after initial diagnose Shop Owner has to send the Battery to Company back for replacement if it comes under Warranty. Now in this Case checking that when Customer has actually purchased this Battery becomes crucial. As there is lot many data into system, & Customer Name / Date has not much reliable search filters we have to Check with Serial No. of Sold Particular Battery which is Damaged, that feature is available in this Battery Trading Business Management Software and can be found easily, with all Sold Data immediately. 

Report : "Sales Register Expanded" with Serial No. Search
Check Report : Serial No. Tacking
Serial No. / Vehicle No. / Model No. Search Filter
Software Menu > Reports > Sales Register > Sales Register - Expanded
:: Sales Register Expanded ::
## How to Manage Serial No. Tracking after Sales ##
Live Video (in Older Version)

Serial Number wise Search Special Reports
@ List of Available Serial No. wise Search Reports
@1. Serial No. Tracking
@2. Serial No. Register
@3. Item Wise Serial No.
@4. Serial No. Wise Sales
@5. Blank/Missing Serial No.
@6. Smart Serial No. Register
@7. Serial No. wise Profit / Loss

:: Sales Invoice.. ::
~ Direct Customer Details Entry
~ Customer Vehicle No., Model No. Etc Details Entry
# Check How to Make this Additional Fields in Sales Invoice
~ Old Data pop up while Entry for Reference
~ Battery Selection Make & Model No wise with Serial No. Entry
~ Easy Serial No. Barcode Scan Box will pop up
~ Service Charges in Same Invoice with Auto SAC Code
~ Old Battery Replace Charges Deduction in Same Invoice
~ Check Below Image for Purchase Based Serial No. Selection while making sales Invoice
~ Select Serial No. which is available in Stock
~ Scan your sold Battery Serial No. Directly at time of Sales (Easy Way)
~ Discounts & GST Tax Information
~ Multiple Payment Options at the time of Saving Invoice
~ Save Invoice with Invoice Preview Options


~ Invoice Printing Options
* Print on any printer, Any Size Paper (Just make it Default)
* Easy pdf copy making
* Preview - Print - E mail - Export Utility
* Auto E-Mail to Customer Invoice Instantly
* Original - Duplicate - Transport Copy Selection
* Perfect GST Summary
* Intelligent CGST-SGST or IGST Calculation
works automatically with "State Master" selection of customer
* Lot many Templates to select for Invoice Print
* Print option on Own Brand Printer Later pad
* Save Invoice with Auto SMS to Customer
(API Based with Extra Charge)
* Easy Invoice Edit - Delete
* Customized Invoice Prefix (Not Recommended)
* Multiple Billing Series (Not Recommended)
* Customer Previous Sales History
* Battery Previous Sales / Purchase Prices History
* Lot More.....

 Additional Fields in Sales Invoice
Vehicle No. * Model No. * Other Detail
~ How to Create Additional Fields
~ Software Menu > Tools > Additional Fields
~ Select "Sales" in Master Type
~ No. of Fields "3/4/5.. up to 10" as required
~ Name the Fields as Shown in Above Image
~ Press Apply.

# Bulk SMS & What's App #
+Transaction SMS+
+ Auto SMS on Save of Customer Invoice
+ "Dear Agnihotri, Your Sales Invoice of Amount Rs. 9999.99 is Generated. Thanks for Shopping with Us. Please Visit Again. ABC Garments. Mo. 9727955514"
+ SMS Text can be customized as per need
+ SMS for Delivery Ready (In Case of Customer has left Purchased Item for Fitting Work)
+ SMS to Supplier for purchase & Payments
+ SMS to Customer for Outstanding Amount
+Bulk Promotional SMS+
+ Float your Own Discount Schemes 
+ Send it to Unlimited Customers at a time
+Bulk What's App+

# Mini CRM #
+ Customer Master for Customer Relationship Management
+ Customer Name, Address, Mobile No
+ Customer E Mail ID, Website
+ Customer GSTIN Details
+ Customer Credit Days & Limits
+ Cash Walk In Customer Mobile Nos
+ Customer Birthday
+ Customer Anniversary
+ Customer Lager
+ Customer Buying Pattern
+ Top Customer on Dashboard Graph
+ SMS to Customer
+ What's App Message to Customer

# Manage Stock #
+ Item Master Customized
+ Opening Stock Entry
+ Purchase Stock
+ Barcoding & Price Tagging on Items
+ Stock Valuation Company wise
+ Group wise Stock
+ Min Mix Inventory Management
+ Fast Moving Stock
+ Slow Moving Stock with Quantity & Value Sorting
+ Category wise Stock Valuation
+ New Arrival Stock Announcement
+ Dump Stock 
+ & Lot More... Check Stock Value Setting...

# GST Reports #
+ GSTR 1
+ Composite GST Deler
+ Un Registered Trader
+ All Reports to Excel
+ Ready to Upload Forms of GST
+ Easy Editing in Excel Sheet Export
+ GST Summary Auto Calculation
+ Cross Verification of GST Credit : GSTR 2
+ & Lot More...Click Here for Details

# Accounting #
+ Bank Management
+ Wallets Management : PayTm, G Pay, Phone Pe, BHIM, Oxygen., Etc
+ Cash Management
+ Daily & Monthly Expenses
+ Supplier Payments Due
+ Receipts & Payment Voucher 
+ Opening Balance
+ Outstanding Report & SMS
+ Ageing Outstanding Analysis
+ Trail Balance
+ Trading Accounts
+ Profit & Loss Account
+ Balance Sheet
+ & Lot More... Click for Details....
# Online Purchase #
+ Download Demo from Website Free
+ Install into your PC
+ Check Features
+ Configure Item Master & Barcode Label
+ Configure your Sales Invoice
+ Start Using Software in Demo Mode
+ Take Help for Installation 
+ Negotiate Price according to Features Required
+ Get Mapping of SMS API
+ Get Mapping of Personalized Logo & Barcode
+ Pay Online
+ Get your Software License Number for Life Time
+ Take our Help Online When ever required (Indian Office Time)
+ Get our Remote Desktop Support Software Free
+ Enjoy your Business....
+ Easy to Learn Fast to Manage.....
+ Purchase Now Click Here

# Hardware Supported #
+ Thermal Receipt Printer
+ Touch POS
+ Simple PC / Laptop 
+ Any Windows OS : Win XP, 7, Win 8, 10 Etc.,
+ Scanner Hand Held / Table Top
+ Cash Drawer
+ Old Re Furbished PC (Pentium Processor, 2GM RAM)
+ Pole Display
+ Laser Printer for Barcode & Label
+ Thermal Barcode  Printer
+ All in One PC

# Live Video #
+ Watch Live Video of Software
 + How to Download
+ How to Operate
+ How to Make Additional Fields
+ All About Software Check Now
+ Serial No. for Tracking

# Security & Audit #
+ User Rights
+ Role Based Menu Access
+ Invoice Editing Log Report
+ Invoice Delete Log
+ Auto SMS to Owner Business Daily Summary
+ Time Line Report With All Search Filter
+ Auto Back up Data
+ Data Restore after Format of PC
+ License Re Activation
+ Hard Disk Crash Data Recovery (Extra Charge)
+ User wise Login Locks
+ Lot More Click for Details...

# S/w License Include #
+ One Year Full Support 
+ Software Installation
+ Full Training of Software
+ Printing Solutions
+ Personal Customization
+ Bulk What's App Blaster

:: Barcode Scanner ::
* Purchase Low Cost Reliable Barcode Scanner
* We will guide you about Barcode Scanner Programming

Download Now.
~ Download Both Setup (3-4 Min.)
First Install Support Setup
    -Press Ignore if in Last Error
~ Install Battery Trading SuperERP Software setup
    -(Approx Time 2 Min)
~ Finish. 
~ Check "SuperERP" Icon on your Desktop
~ Start Software Now.

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Battery Business Management Software for all Types of Trading with Serial No wise Inventory, Guarranty Card, Accounting, GST and Customer Details.