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Fast Food Restaurant Management Software

~ Fast Food Delivery Center has Typical Requirements of Fast & Easy Billing Process.

~ Looking to this requirement we have designed our Brain Software in such a way that it would be perfect Billing Software with or without Combination of TOUCH POS Billing Machine.

~ Basically Fast Food Service Counters has very low space and Customers purchasing service are in Hurry Always to take the Delivery & Pay for the Service.

~Fast Food Centers has Few Categories to serve in Menu Ex. Sandwich, Burger, Etc.,

~ Looking to this Pattern we have designed Item Master in our Brain Software in such a way that It would be able to store Item Group, Rate & Image at a time.

~ When Customer Approaches for order POS Counter can Easily select the order from Item Group & Then Items by either Clicking an Image or Touching (Touch POS Require) an Image of Dish.

~ Look at below Image which describes all details about our Billing Software.

Fast Food Restaurant Management Software

~ Download Brain Billing Software Now.

~ Install it into your PC as Instructed.

~ Now Go to Settings Gear Box : Modules On/Off Tab 

~ Enable Touch POS Billing Screen.

~ Now go to Item Master & Create Few Items as Instructed. 

~ Select the GST Tax if Required.

~ Create an ITEM GROUP as Required to Separate Items while Billing 

~ Type the Price of an Item in Sales Price.

~ Now Click in Box of Item Selection, Select an Item Image (Landscape) from Explorer, Press Open Button. Now Press SAVE. 

~ There is Also a Provision of Item Sub Unit Selection as "Large, Medium, Small"

~ Finish. Now you are ready for billing.

~ Software Menu : Entries : Touch POS : 

~ You should be able to see the Item Groups in Middle Billing panel.

~ By Click on specific Group or Touch you should be able to see the Items List beside it in sequence with Item Images stored while saving an Item.

~ That's It. Now Just go on clicking / Touching the Image ordered by customer will display on left Billing Panel.

~You can Easily Edit Quantity Here on Billing Panel Directly or Remove unwanted order by Click on Delete Button from Selected Items List.

~ Total Amount of Bill will be shown in Bottom, Just receive tender from customer & Press Save.

~ Saving the Invoice will proceed to open Cash Drawer & Print the POS Thermal Receipt Immediately. However if you don't have any thermal printer, any laser or desk-jet printer can do the Job. Just Make it Default Printer in your System.

~ Now check Day Collection Tender wise from POS Report.

~ Hey! That's All. Its all Done. So Easy, Accurate & Fast. Just 5Min. to Download, Install & Configure. Ready to Go.......


~ Download your Free Demo Software Now : User Manual Guide

Fast Food Restaurant Billing Management Software
~ Download wont take more than 5Min. Just Approx 50-60MB Two Setup Files.

~ Enough Guide available on how to download,Install s/w on Download Page. 

~ Live Video Guide is Also Available there. 


Restaurant Management Software for Fast Food Billing Counters

  ~ Touch POS with Image

  ~ Simple POS Billing Screen (Barcode)

  ~ Purchase of Ingredients

  ~ Recipe Making of Dish

  ~  Westage Entry

  ~ Stock Report

  ~ Cash / Card / Wallet Management

  ~ Item Rate edit / Delete

  ~ Customer SMS while Billing

  ~ Bulk Whats App to Customer

~  Supplier Account Management

~  Bank & Account Management

~  Employee Salary & Other Expense Entry

~ Outstanding, Payments Report

~ Item wise Sales (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

~ Item Group wise Sales (Date wise)

~ MIS Analysis of Business

~ Profit & Loss management of Total Business

~ GST Report (if Required)

~ Balance Sheet.

Check Live Video :


Software Detailed Features List :

~ What's App us if you face any issue during Demo Installation & Operation on our Mobile No. 9727955514 

~ Detailed Features List Link will take you to Full Operations of Software useful for other Major Business Operations.

~Credit Note / Debit Note types of Transactions also possible in this Software.

~Even you can prepare Big A4 Size .pdf Invoice copy & Keep Customer's Account Records in same Software.


Restaurant Billing Management Software with Touch POS

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Restaurant Billing Software with Touch POS
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