Year Closing in Software


:: 31st March :: 
:: Year Closing ::  2020-21 ---> 2021-22
Process Approx Time :
15-30 Min. Keep Patience till it Finishes.
Financial Year Closing Time for all Accounts.
This Process will Put Closing Balance to All Existing Inventory & Financial Accounts.
Let's Start Year Closing

Pink Screen Year Closing Guide

Process will Carry forward the Old Financial Year Closing Balances to New Financial Year as Opening Balance Figures. 
Later on we can edit the individual opening Balance in New Financial Year Manually, or even we can make edits in old Financial Year data. However once Financial Year Closing activity is done, any edit made in old financial year won't effect new Year data. Still we can make edits required in changed opening balance of any Leger manually.

Check Live Video Guide Here
Accounting Effects after Year close to Check 

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:: Year Closing is Finished ::
Now Start New Financial Year Company & Observe Few Check List 
1. Check Opening Balance of customers & Suppliers
2. Check Item Stock
3. Check Invoice Should Start from Sr. No. 1
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