Account Balance Transfer from Previous Year

 Transfer Leger Balance Manually After Year Close

Generally when we do Year End Process in our Software all Customers & Suppliers Closing Balance will appear as Opening Balance in New Financial Year Automatically.

If the Figures doesn't seem to be perfect just do this process manually as per this instruction & Image Help.

Login to New Financial Year Company First. Now...
Step : 1 > Go to Menu > Master > "Opening Balances Editor"
Step : 2 > Click on "Click here to automatically update from previous year closing balances" on Header of the screen
Step : 3 > Observe "Process Bar" going on.... In Right Bottom Corner. Wait up to this process gets finished. If your data is large, this process will take few minutes more. Once this Process finishes, Message will Come. Press 'OK' There. 
Step : 4 > Press "Save" Button on Top-Right Corner. 

Now Press "Ctrl+Y" or go to outstanding report & check the data have been transferred perfectly or not.
You can Edit the Opening Balance in New Financial Year data Manually from "Account Master" anytime.

The Leger Balance generally transferred are : 
1. Customer
2. Supplier
3. Bank
4. Loan
5. Liabilities.


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