Guide for Vidhi

 Q1. How to Put ARC Code?
1. First of all Update the software to latest release
2. If Sofwware asks for reactivation of license then find the customer's Softwaer License No.
3. Wait till this License no Gets active.
Check this Regiatration Window to regiater the customer license no & Partner Code
Billing Software Guru SuperERP
4. Now you can Click on Help
ARC Renewal Charge Menu
5. Type the given ARC Code of Customer
6. Press OK. Should display the next Renewal Date after 365 Days.

 Q2. How to set Whats App To Customer Place
1. User Account Control Settings >>> Never Notify
2. Defender Services > Virus & Threat Protection > Settings > Exclusions > Add SuperERP Folder.
3. Check Latest Support Setup Instalaltion :: Dated 22.06.2022
4. Then Download Crystal Report 8.5 & Install it. If not Installed.
5. Download Latest wa zip file from website & Extract it.
6. Delete previous "wa" folder from SuperERP Folder.
7. Now paste that extracted "wa" folder into superERP Folder.
8. Install "MicrosoftEdgeWebview2Setup" 
File from latest wa folder (if already install error comes, then just close it)
9. Now Open Website Open Updates Page Downlaod 21. New Provider for SuperERP" Paste this setup file into Setup Folder of SuperERP
Install this New Provider Setup into Customer PC
10. Now start the Software.
11. Update the software if Not Updated.
12. start software again
13. now link the customer Whats app by first open whats app from desktop icon
First Close the SuperERP Software.

Now Start SuperERP & Check Wa Feature working or not.

Q1. How to Put Bank UPI QR Code?
1. Install Latest Support Setup
2. Update Software to latest version
3. Install Crystal Report 8.5
4. Take Customer's Bank UPI ID
& Paste it to Software > Master > Company Info :: Bank API Box.
Write Customer Name or shop name in Payee Name
5. Press Apply.
6. Now Open associated rpt file of sales or pos invoice
7. Create a new table as per this video guide
(Only for SuperERP Software.)
(No Need to Create dao_1 for Pharmacy Software & Restaurant Software) 
7. Once rpt is done with mapping of Field P1 For QR Code
Save it.
8. Now go to Software make once Invoice, Print it & try to scan weatehr it works or not.
9. Thank You.

Q3. How to Increase Image Size without Changing Pixels?

Q4. : How to Create Additional Discounts Fields in Sales & Purcahse?
Tools > Discount Settings >

Q5. How to Remove Backgroud ::

Q6. How to Work in regedirt.?
1. Search > regedit
3. Software
4. tangible7 >>> License >> Double Click > Copy  Then Press Cancel..
5. Tribulation >>> RPOS7 >>> Double Click > Paste  > OK.
6. Start Softwre. >>> Website will Open,.. Close it.
7. Again Start Software.
8. Done.

Q7 : Remecdy software
1. start
2. search
3. type this "regedit"
4. Tangible7 >>License >>Copy chinese matter >> OK
5. Tribulation >> REPOgS7 >> dlete chinese matter >> paste >> OK
6. Close
7. start software >> Web site will open >> Close it
8. Start sw again. 

Few Points ::
1. CU Nu Label Print
2. Grocery Store Points 
Process MFg, Credit Invoice in POS, Bill to Bill Payment, Tax Inclusinve in POS

Q8 : Max. Two Demo Allowed Query Fix 
data file ma jai "account12" mdb file ma "Company" table ma ON7 Field 2 mathi zero karanu 

Q9 : Expiry Date ni Formula
DateAdd ("d", val ({ado.OT20}) , {@Print Date} )
Q10. Price Per Gram
- CakeID is MRP & OT4 in Batch Field Only Numeric field of weight. Ex. 250gm = 250

Retailerp to SuperERP
Step0.  Help > Remove Null
Password : next
a.  Update State
b.  Update all items 
c.  Update Groups
d.  Update table.
Step1.  Company Info >>> 
Remove Previous yer database apth
Check State & State Code
step3. Tools > Options > State Gujarat.
step4. Tax Slab > Resave all tax Slabs
step5. Sale Type & Purchase TYpe : Update All.

RETAILERP : accountant12 File : ON7 :
Make Zero instead t 2.