Computerizing Retail Required Hardware and Software Full Details

Two most Important Parts to Computerize a store is : 
A. Hardware B. Software
 Approx Full POS Setup : 65000/-

A : Separate Hardware List :
Lets's Check List of Hardware First.

1. Computer / Laptop (With Windows operating System)
Approx Cost Range : 12000 to 25000 INR

2. Barcode Scanner
Two Types of Barcode Scanner available.
A. Hand Held Scanner : This Scanner occupies one Hand to Pic up scanner & From Second Hand you have to Scan the Product for Billing. Generally Used at Apparel  Retail Outlets.

B. Table Top Scanner : Little Costly than Hand Held Scanner.  But Scans very Fast as it has lot many auto laser directions and rests on table. so both hands of operator are free to pic a product and scan simultaneously. 
This scanner is must at Grocery Store POS Counter as No. of Products in Cart by Customers are more and Time for Billing is very Less.
Approx Cost Range : 1500 to 3500 INR

3. Printer :
Approx Cost Range : 1500 to 12000 INR
Recommended Printer :
Laser Printer :
-> Any Laser Printer will Print Invoice &  Barcode Both.

Thermal Printer :
-> A Small Thermal Printer is Generally used at POS Counters who have more then 100 Invoices to Print Per Day. 
These Printers are also Available in range of 2000 INR to 12000 INR according to Brand Name, Speed & Paper Roll Size. (2Inch, 2.75 In Roll etc.,)

Advantage of Keeping Thermal Printer for Billing Purpose
-> A Thermal Printer uses a very Less Space on your POS Counter.
-> Zero Maintenance Cost of Printer as it uses thermal Technology to Print a Document, Hence No Cartridge, Toner Refilling is Required. 
-> Prints Invoice very Fast, that is Must Required at POS Counter Billing for Customer
-> Easy to Change a Paper Thermal Roll when it Exhausts.

Disadvantage :
-> You can't Use this Printer to Print Big Reports Which contains A4 Size Big Data.

-> If you are opening a big Grocery Store or you will need to print More than 500 Barcode a Day and have a good Budget we recommend you to buy a separate Thermal Barcode Printer
Approx Cost : 9000 to 15000 INR (According to Speed & Size of Printing)
These Printers prints from Roll of Labels, & Prints very Fast.
Print Quality is Far Better than Laser Print Barcode Label as it Uses Extra Ribbon to Ink the Label.
If you are low with budget you can use the same Bar Code Thermal Printer as Billing Printer too. 
Only you have to Remove Ribbon role & Insert Thermal Billing Role to Print Invoice from Same Printer & Vice Versa for Barcode Print.

(Not Required for Low Budget)
if you are making your Store a Real POS Counter then a Cash Drawer will Create Professional Billing Experience for your Customer as it Opens when a Sales Invoice is Printed automatically.
Cash Drawer has basically few parts to keep currency Notes & Coins separately.
Makes easy job for an operator to give change to Customer in speed.
Approx Cost : 4500 to 6000 (According to Brand & Size)

5. Pole Display :
(Not Required for Low Budget)
To give more Lucrative look  to your POS Counter. A Pole Display will display an amount of Invoice of Customer Faces Customer Side, So that Customer can See the Amount by themselves and ready to tender the exact amount to minimize the Billing Timings.
Approx Cost : 3000 to 5000 INR

Now is Part B : That is Software :
According to Need of Computerizing your Retail Store a software is Needed.
There are different POS Software for Apparel, Grocery etc., retail management :
you can download all those software free demo version from Below Link :

Approx Price : 5000 to 50000 (Size & Customization Need of Store)
Watch Full Video :

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